So today I am going to give you my 5 Investment Pieces I think you should have in your closet for Winter!

If you don’t have any of these then pick one for this season and build on them.

What is an investment piece? When I talk about investing in a fashion item then I mean you will be spending in the hundreds for the item. This is where Lay-by , afterpay and budgeting come into it and obviously you only buy at times you can afford to. Make your list put in order what you need most. I will lay-by what I want for that season than keep an eye on end of season sales in case something else on my list goes on sale and you could put it away for next season. 3 of these I actually can wear all year round.

When you invest in these pieces you are investing in quality and a piece of fashion that will last you for years. If you divide the price of the item by how many times you could/will wear it it won’t seem so expensive. Fashion is like most things you get what you pay for some of the cheaper things will last one season and after a few washes will loose colour and shape your investment pieces will not do this.

So Here Goes this are my top 5

  1. Navy or Black Blazer –  this can be worn over a t-shirt /skivvy with jeans, put with a knit and skirt/pants for work or out to dinner, put over any winter dress! The options are endless. Make sure it is lined and that the coat can be done up and fits perfectly. I love this Gordon Smith Jacket as it has a little bit of stretch and the gold buttons just dress it up.





2. Night time Jacket/Cardi – I prefer a fur/fake fur for this as  it always looks dressy and can be put over any dress for a formal event. I stick with basic colours Black/grey as these colours will go with everything . Again can dress up jeans or go with pants or winter skirt. I love this Verge cardigan trimmed in Rabbit Fur for this one








3. White Shirt : For this I prefer a soft white shirt that will take me from Day to night by just changing my bottoms. In Winter I also don’t like to much bulk under jackets, jumpers and vests for 2 reasons a) im a size 16 so I have enough bulk and I don’t like feeling restrictive ! For this I love the Mela Purdie Soft Pocket top I can wear it all year round! In winter add scarves and earrings to change the look!






4. Denim Jeans : Now I wear denim jeans ALL the time so when I buy them I don’t mind spending the money on a good pair. Remember your jeans are designed to be worn a few times BEFORE washing them unless you have spilt something on them. Jeans will take you some time to try a few pairs on and find the ones that are the perfect fit . Jeans should be bought to fit your waist as leg length and width can be altered and don’t be afraid to alter to fit you perfectly.For my good jeans I like something a little different and I like a darker denim. I would put a heel on with my good jeans , white top and blazer. My go to Jeans are New London and this is the pair I got for this season.





5.  BLACK PANTS : For me I prefer two styles I have a straight leg pair for my longer wider shirts and a wide leg pair for a more fitted shirt . My pick for these are the Mela Purdie pants. These pants are so comfortable fall beautiful,  feel luxurious on and are light and the perfect thing to throw in a suitcase . Just add heels!










So that’s my top 5! Hope this helped in some way if you have a different top 5 I would love to hear yours leave me a comment below !

Love Trysh xx