They say most women own at least 7 pairs of jeans (unless your me and that number would be a lot higher !)  but only wear about 4 and we all own that 1 pair of jeans that we tell ourselves we will fit into them one day !

So what is the magic number ……  4 ! I tell my clients we should all have at least the following 4 as these will get you through any season .

1) Everyday Denim – for your shape! By everyday I mean something you can dress up with a heel and jacket or dress down with a flat and knit. New London do a great Jean for this with good stretch and options .

A quick guide on denim for most shapes

Voluptuous Curves : classic or relaxed fit avoid big pockets on back that add width.

Curvy with small waist : stretch and straight avoid to high waisted which will make bottom look out of proportion

Heavy Thighs : bootleg with an easy fit on hips. Avoid tight , high waisted at all costs.

Petite: Straight with a long leg. Avoid low cut wide leg as this has a shortening effect
























2) Elastic waist /Flat Front Skinny : These are great for under longer style tops or tunics where you don’t want belts , buttons or zips showing . The skinny leg is good for wearing with boots . I like to update these every two years  as the stretch starts to give and they can get a baggy look ! I than use the old ones on the farm for riding horses and motorbikes

































3) Black Jeans : Every wardrobe needs these they are the easiest thing to dress up and look great with a top and heels! Wash them separately with a black die every month to keep the colour nice and dark. Once they start to fade you need to replace them . I prefer skinny leg to be able to put a boot over.
























4) Fashion Jean – now these are optional but I usually like a pair that are the colour of the season , eg this year I went with the khaki there is usually some great patterned ones too but make sure they flatter your shape and don’t draw attention to places you would rather it didn’t! In summer I always like to have a white pair