Good Morning Ladies and Happy New Year !! I have decided 2020 is going to be my year!! This bloody drought will break , I will get my health back on track and I will start being more organised to make life flow better, who’s with me !!
So for the last few weeks I have started to do a de clutter on my home as I tend to hang onto some things for too long !!

My wardrobe was my biggest task but the most rewarding as if your like me and love your fashion throwing things out of my wardrobe was the hardest!!!
Because after all that was my favourite skirt back in the 90’s and cost me a full pay check & when I loose the weight I am POSITIVE I will want to wear again !!!!!! NOT

So Ladies now is the time to get real !!! AND with this horrific fire and drought season look at it as your your way of helping out and paying forward as a lot of people will be needing good clothes!!
So here is the basic of how to sort your wardrobe !!