Ok Ladies we need to get serious as Summer stock is on its way ! So start be cleaning out your closet!!

Divide you clothes into the 5 following categories !


1  No longer fits too big or small : don’t hold onto things in case you loose weight or put it on as if your honest if that happens your going to want the new fashion anyway not something you have been hanging onto for years

2  I no longer like the item : there is no sense keeping anything if you don’t even like it even if it fits perfectly!! I will give you a quick tip if you love the item and feel confident than you can carry almost anything off almost not everything . Confidence is the biggest fashion tip I can give you !

3. Do not have the occasion to wear it or isn’t my shape anymore: Our lives change over the years and the work life and social life we used to have change so if an item was perfect in your past life Dosent mean its good for now be very honest with yourself you could easily make money from this for new more appropriate clothes.

4 . Like the item but forgot you had it ! This is the exciting time when cleaning your cupboard its like getting a new item! It’s as exciting as when your kids clean their rooms and find toys they forget about !! But ask why you forgot it was there ,make sure it doesn’t fall into the top 3 categories !

5. Currently wearing now!

Now once you have done this you will have a base to start to see what is missing out of your wardrobe.

Anything in categories 1 and 2 should be either donated or tossed!
Category 3 either donate or sell if you sell you can make some money to buy more clothes !
Category 4 hang back in your cupboard with the coat hangers facing the opposite way if you wear it in the next season turn the coat hanger around if it still hasn’t been worn even now you know its there than sell or donate!


keep an eye on the blog in the next two weeks I will tell you what essentials you need in your wardrobe !