There is nothing worse than getting up Monday morning and feeling like your starting the week on the Back foot !

Hopefully the following will help you start the week running !!

1) Doing this will jog your memory of what you have on and what you need with you for appointments on that day








2) If your anything like me I throw everything in my bag so doing this is a must for me other wise everything gets lost .This also means I can find my essentials easier. The last thing I put in is my purse and keys so I don’t waste 10 mins Monday morning looking for them !







3) This is my biggest time saver ! Now I know what’s on every day on a rack in my room or at the front of a cupboard I organise and hang  together outfits for every day . This means I don’t have to think just put the outfit on! When my kids were little I would also make sure all uniforms were done and ready too!









4) I will do a quick look in freezer and cupboard to see what I have to make meals and do a quick menu plan up and a shopping list to get Monday ready for the week  I always try to cook at least one meal and have it ready in case something pops up and I’m late home or don’t feel like cooking ! 







5) This is the most important one you need to feel regenerated ready for the week I personally love to have a bubble bath with a glass of wine and a book, I will usually have a face mask on too!








6) I change the sheets as soon as I get up so they are done ! There is nothing better after relaxing Sunday afternoon having a shower putting on you pj’s and climbing into a freshly made bed ! Make sure you get at least 7hrs sleep ready to start the week ! I will always set my alarm for 5am in Summer and 6am in Winter to start my Monday with a walk too






Have a great week great week ladies hope this makes it a little more organised ! I would love to hear what you do to make yours easier !